SEO for Law Firms

SEO for law firms entails organizing a website and its content intentionally with an aim of pushing the web pages of law firms higher in the rankings of the search engines. Most law firm spend a lot of money and time in the development of websites only to reduce their online reach by ignoring SEO. Effective law firm SEO is very important because it helps in growing the base of legal clients that a firm receives from online traffic. If you want to attract more clients to your law firm, you need to implement effective SEO strategies for law firms. Our SEO experts explain these strategies.

Stay local

Although the legal services business is a big industry, competition is very stiff. Players in this industry are competing for profitable and popular keyword searches. On average, a law firm will not make it to the top of the search engines results by using keywords like divorce attorney, lawyer or law firm to rank even with the best SEO practices. However, your law firm should not use such keywords. Instead, you should focus on local keywords such as Denver family lawyer or California tax lawyer. Such keywords will enable your law firm to target more local clients in a more effective manner.

Update content more often

Your web pages are not entities on their own. Content is also ranked by the search engines on the basis of the strength of a site as a whole entity. If the website of your law firm has existed for a long time, it will have more power when it comes to being ranked by the search engines. However, search engines also prefer websites that publish new content continuously. In most cases, updating the content of your site is important in regard to other factors of your business. For instance, law firms that can access start-up capital can contract an SEO firm that offer web content creation services. Such services will enable them to have content that they can publish over time to keep their sites updated with fresh content.


SEO based networks can never be overestimated. External sites and sources linking to your site’s content are very important. The algorithms of the search engines are heavily reliance on reader’s endorsements and judgment when it comes to ranking web pages. This endorsement and judgment is measured by the links that are created through the established authorities online. As such, law firms should implement effective networking strategies to rank higher. A law firm can trade its links with the other lawyers in various practice areas. The link request should be part of business-to-business networking. A law firm should look for chances of writing articles for other sites in exchange for quality links for its website. Additionally, law firms need to maintain blogs on their sites that are likely to attract the right links.

Generally, there are many SEO strategies that can benefit law firms. If you need help with SEO for law firms, get in touch with us. We will offer your law firm the best SEO services to make it more visible and authoritative.